Our mission is to outfit stewards of the great outdoors with high quality, affordable gear so they can protect and promote the wild places we love.

How can we save the world together? We can start by helping people fall in love with our planet. Outdoor Professionals dedicate their careers to getting more people outside and helping them fall in love with the great outdoors. So if you ask us, our pros are basically superheroes. Do you agree?

Our Story:

Outdoor Prolink was founded in 2004 in Gareth Richards’ basement in Boulder, CO. At the time, Gareth had been working as the Director of Sales at various outdoor brands. With his background as a Mountain Guide, Kayak Guide and Outdoor Educator, he deeply understood the needs and challenges for both pros and brands. Outdoor professionals need the very best outdoor gear, and brands need to get their products in the hands of these influencers (though nobody called them that at the time). He saw the opportunity to be the “link” between these core groups, and thus, Outdoor Prolink was born. Though we’ve grown a lot since then, the goal is still the same: to be the most authentic, responsible pro purchase program in the outdoor industry. We value full transparency and accountability and we are incredibly proud of our team and their dedication to setting the bar for responsible pro purchase programs in the outdoor industry. Read more about our unwaivering commitment in our manifesto.

Our Growth:

We are (and have always been) dedicated to building trusted brand relationships and gathering a community of authentic professionals. We act as the facilitator of trust to “link” them to one another, and we take this responsibility very seriously. Our unwavering commitment to authenticity means that we always focus on the quality of our membership base before quantity. Our membership growth over the years has constantly fluctuated as we approve new applicants while simultaneously expiring those who no longer qualify. As of our 20 year anniversary in 2024, Outdoor Prolink is operating in both the USA and Canada and has launched our newest sister brand store, Pursuit Prolink, to bring pro deals to hunting and fishing brands and professionals. Cheers to what’s ahead in the next 20 years!

Outdoor Prolink CEO

Meet our Founder, Gareth.

Gareth is still getting after it.

"We are all in this industry for a common reason. We dedicate our lives and careers to the pursuit of the great outdoors because we share a mutual love for nature, passion for adventure and need for connected experience."


When each of us gives just a little bit to the causes we are passionate about, we can support organizations that preserve and protect the wild places we love and make our world a better place. Outdoor Prolink proudly partners with the following non-profits:

protect our winters logo

Protect Our Winters is dedicated to mobilizing the outdoor sports community against climate change.

the conservation alliance logo

The Conservation Alliance is committed to protecting wild places for their habit and recreational values.

pride pads logo

Pride Pads believes every girl deserves the opportunity to embrace being a woman and contribute to her community.

American Whitewater logo

American Whitewater’s mission is to protect and restore America’s whitewater rivers and to enhance opportunities to enjoy them safely.

Our Team:


Gareth : President & CEO

Joe Chief Technology Officer

Joe: Chief Technology Officer


Chief Technology Officer

Most likely to.. call you out for office recycling violations
What's your Dirtbag Dream? Traveling and skiing every resort possible.
How do you get after it? Skiing and camping with the fam.
Kenzie Chief Marketing Officer

Kenzie: Chief Marketing Officer


Chief Marketing Officer

Most likely to... crack a joke.
What's your Dirtbag Dream? I'm living it! My husband and I moved to Whitefish, Montana in 2018 so we could spend as much time as possible in the mountains.
How do you get after it? I love skiing, mountain biking and whispering sweet nothings to my epic collection of house plants.
Phil Director of Operations

Phil: Chief Operations Officer


Chief Operations Officer

Most likely to.. drop a dad joke in a meeting
What's your Dirtbag Dream? Heli-skiing in un-touched waist deep pow, while drinking a bomber.
How do you get after it? Skiing as much as possible in the winter, then SUPing in serenity during the summer.
Jay Data Manager

Jay: Data Manager


Data Manager

Most likely... dressed in head-to-toe lycra
What's your Dirtbag Dream? Riding my bike with no plan or place to be, and taking the fork in the trail I have yet to pedal.
How do you get after it? I'm always up for a challenge!
Phil Director of Operations

Melissa: Business Development Manager


Business Development Manager

Most likely to... take a nap
What's your Dirtbag Dream? Leaving town on a friday afternoon to a trailhead for the weekend, out of service, bag full of snacks, and my dogs reminding me every 5 minutes why 4 legs are better than 2.
How do you get after it? I love to hike, hunt, fish, forage, snowboard, and pretty much anything else outside.
Kelly Customer Service

Kelly: Marketing Manager


Marketing Manager

Most likely to... smoke you down the mountain on her snowboard
What's your Dirtbag Dream? Road trip across North and South America, camping and adventuring with my boyfriend and our pup.
How do you get after it? Snowboarding, hiking, camping, backpacking and breaking it down on the dance floor.
Andrew Membership Coordinator

Tim: Email Marketing Specialist


Email Marketing Specialist

Mostly likely to... be watching or listening to the Red Sox game.
What's your Dirtbag Dream? Floating down the Missouri River in Montana on a nice summer evening with a cold refreshing beer, good friends, and killer fishing!
How do you get after it? By enjoying everyday to the fullest no matter the season! Fishing year-round, camping and mountain biking in summer and fall, and skiing in the winter!
Neill Membership Growth Manager

Neill: Membership Growth Manager


Membership Growth Manager

Most likely...Skiing in the morning, biking in the afternoon
What's your Dirtbag Dream? Meander across South America, bike packing with a great group of friends and making new ones along the way.
How do you get after it? Shredding pow in the winter and dirt in the summer.
Leti Membership Coordinator

Leti: Membership Coordinator


Membership Coordinator

Mostly to be... reorganizing or cleaning something"
What's your Dirtbag Dream? Finding a sick spot to camp next to a river with my friends, exploring the area (responsibily of course), slack-lining, all while carrying a beer in hand!
How do you get after it? Hiking, camping, biking, snowboarding, SUPing, staying low to the ground-preferably touching the ground in some sense.
Josh Membership

Josh: Membership Coordinator


Membership Coordinator

Most likely to... wear a different hat every day (he has over 200)!
What's your Dirtbag Dream? To live on the river and still be able to watch live baseball.
How do you get after it? Snowboarding (when my knee is up for it), hiking with my dog, backpacking and, of course, rafting!
Dennis Membership

Dennis: Membership Coordinator


Membership Coordinator

Most likely to... be the first out on the trail and snoring loudest at camp!
What's your Dirtbag Dream? To run free on trails all day and then sunbathe until I'm about to get heatstroke.
How do you get after it? Hiking, swimming, traveling down rivers, and being an absolute powder hound!
Allison Customer Service

Allison: Customer Service & Operations Manager



Customer Service & Operations Manager

Most likely... hiked 20 miles today"
What's Your Dirtbag Dream? Riding my bike from trailhead to trailhead (for some sick hikes) all around Colorado.
How do you get after it? Hiking, biking, running and occassionally sleeping outside.
Allie Customer Service

Heather: Customer Service & Operations


Customer Service & Operations

Most likely... cycling to a cafe for coffee or a burrito."
What's your Dirtbag Dream? Thru-Hiking the Te Araroa Trail and bike-packing through the South Island of New Zealand.
How do you get after it? Hiking, gravel cycling, bike-packing, & adventuring to find great food!
Maddie Customer Service

Maddie: Customer Service & Operations


Customer Service & Operations

Most likely... lizzarding (AKA laying on rock soaking up the sun)"
What's your Dirtbag Dream? My dream is to inspire a passion for the outdoors by promoting safe and sustainable recreation. But like climbing Everest would be pretty cool too.
How do you get after it? “Twist my arm” I’m down to get wild whether it’s a two week backpacking trip or a multi sport climb in the canyon.
Allie Customer Service

Brenna: Bookkeeper



Most likely... to have sunscreen.
What's your Dirtbag Dream? Backpack Europe, stay in cheap hostels and eat as many new foods as possible.
How do you get after it? Biking, hiking, strolling, sauntering, traveling, and living in the now!
Sajani Project Manager

Sajani: Senior Product Manager


Senior Product Manager

Most likely to... give you a personal tour of the wild places of India
What's your Dirtbag Dream? To slurp on piping hot noodles atop the Kedarkantha range of the Himalayas.
How do you get after it? Biking, hiking, and ticking off more peaks from my endless list.
Praveen K Development

Praveen: Development Lead


Development Lead

Most likely... playing cricket right now
What's your Dirtbag Dream? Who needs drugs? I get high from Trekking (esp. the night trek). I love to explore the outskirts of Bengaluru.
How do you get after it? Gather some friends around, pack our rucksacks, and hit the trail. When I'm not trekking we play cricket and badminton.
Karthick Development

Karthick: Development



Most likely... dreaming about the next meal
What's your Dirtbag Dream? I like to travel all over the world, explore new places and eat different cuisines as much as possible.
How do you get after it? Biking, driving, exploring different restaurants with fam.
Chandana Development

Chandana: Development



Most likely... browsing for the best place in town selling brownies
What's your Dirtbag Dream? To trek the snowy mountains. When I'm not hiking, I can almost feel the trails calling my name.
How do you get after it? Researching new mountains to climb, and adding them to my bucket list - PinParvati Trek, Hampta Pass, Hemkund Sahib, and Sar Pass Trek.
Monica Project Manager

Gunashree: Development



Most likely... painting to relax
What's your Dirtbag Dream? Painting while listening to good music and singing loudly in the rain.
How do you get after it? I love to travel to hill stations to enjoy the beauty of nature.
Jensen Development

Jenson: Development



Most likely.. exploring the world on a motorcycle
What's your Dirtbag Dream? To travel around the world and experience different cultures.
How do you get after it? Taking a break to relax in off-beat destinations!
Chirag Data Team

Chirag: Data Team


Data Team

Most likely... beating somebody in a race on the motorcycle
What's your Dirtbag Dream? Travel along the coastal roads on a motorcycle and go surfing.
How do you get after it? I love to ride my motorcycle, and I'd love to visit more beaches where I can surf.
Vasu Development Team

Vasu: Data Team


Data Team

Most likely... playing ping pong right now
What's your Dirtbag Dream? I am a traveller, I love to travel different parts of the country and world.
How do you get after it? I love to find new places to explore, and enjoy the special things about that place and live in the moment.
Venu Development Team

Venu: Data Team


Data Team

Most likely... planning his next adventure
What's your Dirtbag Dream? I love to travel and see wildlife.
How do you get after it? I travel to new and challenging places and I love to take on big adventures.
Prashanth Development Team

Prashanth: Data Team


Data Team

Most likely... has a big smile on his face
What's your Dirtbag Dream? I am a foodie and I love to travel and taste authentic dishes from different parts of the country.
How do you get after it? I travel to different places, explore, and try new and special dishes - and just live in the moment.
Arshiya Development Team

Arshiya: Data Team


Data Team

Most likely...to be jet-setting.
What's your Dirtbag Dream? Travel is the best part of my life, could be any place from hill station, beaches, or desert.
How do you get after it? I do visit beaches very often to enjoy the scenic view of sunset.
Beabins Office Dog

Beabins: Director of Hooman Resources


Director of Hooman Resources

Most likely... taking a nap.
What's your Dirtbag Dream? To never get another haircut again.
How do you get after it? I'm too old to get after it too hard these days. But I will accept treats.
Louie Office Dog

Louie: Intern



Most likely.. eating toilet paper.
What's your Dirtbag Dream? For my parents to spill a whole bag of dog food on the floor and let me eat the whole thing!
How do you get after it? I love eating, playing outside, and hanging out with my turtle and guinea pig friends.


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