Outdoor Prolink | Our Commitment to Outdoor Retailers

Outdoor Prolink is made up of three core components - verified outdoor industry professionals, the brands that offer discounted gear to them, and specialty retailers. A responsible, well-executed pro purchase program fosters a relationship between local shops and pros, and educates pros on their responsibility to be an ambassador for the brands they buy as well as their local retail shop. Speciality retail is a critical channel for our brand partners, so supporting and growing that channel is central to our purpose.

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Our pro code of conduct

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  • Support your local shop.

    When pros get questions about their gear, we train them to direct people to their local speciality store.
  • Don't share your pro deals.

    We have extensive pro abuse technology that allows our team to capture all misuse. Anyone caught purchasing gear that does not meet their profile is permanently booted.
  • Be a good ambassador.

    Pros are trusted members of the outdoor community and their opinions and recommendations carry weight because of that status. We do our best to educate them on that responsibility so they can drive retail sales for the brands they love.

Our application review methodology

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We believe that pro purchase programs are only effective if they are 100% legit, and we strive to be the most authentic, responsible pro purchase program in the industry.

To make good on that promise, we continuously iterate on our proprietary application review process with input from our brands and industry relationships.
To begin with, our membership specialists systematically and rigorously vet every application. If an applicant is “on the fringe,” we review as a group and make a final ruling together. Each quarter of every year we revisit all fringe cases and adjust our parameters and rules accordingly to ensure our database remains squeaky-clean. After 12 months, each pro is required to upload current documentation to renew their membership. If they do not update their documents after three months, their account is terminated.

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Individual verification

Each and every application is reviewed by one of our membership specialists to ensure they meet our rigorous standards for pro deals.

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Applicants are required to provide current documentation proving their status as a working outdoor professional.

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Pro ethics

Sharing of pro deals is strictly forbidden, and any pro who is caught abusing their privileges is booted from Outdoor Prolink immediately.

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12 months after approval, every pro must re-apply with new supporting documentation for review or their account is expired for good.

Meet our pros:

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Outdoor Prolink’s mission from day one has been to outfit stewards of the great outdoors with high quality, affordable gear so they can develop deep connections with the wild places we love. We believe outdoor professionals are chief protectors and promoters of nature. They dedicate their careers to getting more people outside, and because of that, they have earned pro-deal discounts on quality outdoor gear they rely on for their jobs.

outdoor professional daniel conrad rock climbs

Daniel Conrad

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Grand Canyon University Outdoor Recreation Manager

Pro for 3 years

Outdoor Professional Dani Sits by van

Dani Reyes-Acosta

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Owner at Nomad Creativa, Outdoor Brand Strategy Firm

Pro for 3 years

outdoor professional Zach Ice Climbs

Zach Eiten

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Environmental Engineer and Wilderness First Responder

Pro for 3 years

Outdoor Professional Kelly Ski Patrols

Kelly Greene

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NSP Ski Patroller

Pro for 5 years

Outdoor Professional Aberleigh runs

Amberleigh Hammond

heading bottom style

Outdoor Emergency Care Instructor, Ski Patroller, and Leave No Trace Master Educator

Pro for 7 years

Outdoor Professional Lindsay Camps

Lindsay Hastings

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Member of the USA Ice Climbing Team

Pro for 3 years

Outdoor Professional Aidan Guides

Aidan Goldie

heading bottom style

Outdoor Educator and Mountain Guide

Pro for 5 years

Outdoor Professional Mollie Trad Climbs

Mollie Bailey

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Senior Climbing Guide at Front Range Climbing Co

Pro for 7 years

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